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Autio Company’s origin dates nearly 70 years back to 1948, when Paul Autio developed unique grinding and pumping equipment for use on his fur farm near Astoria, Oregon. As word of his products spread, demand quickly grew from other mink farmers throughout the country and Autio Company was born. Autio later obtained patents on his inventions and the market for his equipment expanded to fish processing, poultry and other food processing companies.

Today, Autio equipment is in use in over 40 U.S states and in more than 30 foreign countries. Autio Company is proud to have many of the world’s largest food processing companies as customers, including Alfa-Laval, Armour Swift, Con-Agra, Excel, Gerber, Louis Rich, Foster Farms, Smithfield Foods, Friskies, Heinz, Nalleys’ Fine Foods, Pillsbury, Ralston Purina and Tyson Foods. In addition, you’ll find Autio equipment in most fish processing facilities on the Pacific coast, including Trident, Pacific Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, Icicle Seafoods, Peter Pan Seafoods and many others.

A third generation of the Autio family owns and operates the business and continue to expand the company’s sales and markets..

Situated near the mouth of the Columbia River near the historic community of Astoria, Oregon, Autio Company is proud to be a strong supporter of the local community and to provide family wage jobs and benefits to its employees.


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We are proud or our reputation for providing durable and cost-effective equipment solutions to customers throughout the world. Please feel free to browse our website and to contact us with any questions or for more information regarding our products.

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