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FOR NEARLY 70 YEARS, Autio's positive-displacement rotary vane pumps have provided reliable, cost-effective transfer solutions for the toughest product applications. Autio pumps are available as a stand-alone application or as an add-on to your existing processing equipment. 

Download product brochures: Autio Pumping Units pdf Document  Autio Vane Pumps pdf Document

  • NEW! Available in multiple vane configurations for increased performance and metering efficiency.
  • Effectively transfers ground products without conveyors
  • Handle a variety of product sizes, from small to very coarse, including ground and chunked meats, fats, bones, slurries, residues, waste.
  • Save product by eliminating conveyors, belts and other transfer equipment that lose material.
  • Low Maintenance, Easy Cleanup.
  • Transfer capacity over 4 lbs. per revolution
  • Three pump sizes available: 2 1/2", 3" and 4"outlets.
  • Outputs up to over 40,000 lbs. per hour
  • Available in stainless steel, plated or black
  • Available in complete pumping unit with motor & gear box or as pump only for use in your existing production line.
  • USDA approved.


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